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Ethical AI requires Ethical Business Practices

Earlier this week, I attended an Ethics in AI (Artificial Intelligence) discussion with a group of social advocacy and technology enthusiasts. This post was originally intended to summarize issues the technology industry must overcome as it embraces and deploys services and products built using AI. However, Ethical AI cannot be adequately addressed if we don’t […]

Ethics and Regulation of Artificial Intelligence

I am happy to share that on September 29, 2017, I served as a panelist at Primitive Logic’s Strategic Trends in Financial Services discussion. During this talk (see YouTube video below), I had an opportunity to discuss several trends associated with Artificial Intelligence and explain why companies need to think about areas such as ethics […]

AI Uses Photos To Determine Sexual Orientation

“A very insightful article indeed!” – Michal Kosinski Imagine going to a party, where a friend takes a picture on her mobile phone of someone entering a room. As she turns the phone for you to see the screen, you notice the tag beneath the newly taken photo indicating the man’s sexual orientation. Now imagine […]

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