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Einstein Vs. Newton: The Rematch (Poster Presentation)

In February 2019, I had an opportunity to share my work as a poster presentation at the Georgia Insititute of Technology. The presentation is entitled: The classical mechanics–based theory of Modern Mechanics mathematically matches or exceeds the quantitative performance of Special Relativity; which I shorten as, Einstein vs. Newton: The Rematch. The 48″x36″ poster walks through […]

Unleash Your Curiosity: A straight line is a straight line, unless Einstein calls it a circle

While many readers find my direct challenge to Einstein’s theory of relativity insightful, others quickly reject (often without examination) ideas that contradict one of their most deeply–heald convictions. Fortunately, I believe that scientists are innately curious and will examine any idea that piques his or her interest. This series is designed to do exactly that: it’s designed […]

“Hello, I’d Like To Make An Appointment”: Advancing AI Agents

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is everywhere. It permeates modern science fictions shows like Westworld, Black Mirror, and Humans. And who can forget HAL in the 1968 classic, 2001: A Space Odyssey? Now we fast forward to this week’s unveiling of Google Duplex, which represents a new leap in AI–Agent capabilities. Listen to the following audio clips and try to […]

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