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AI Panel Discussion: Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Diversity

In April 2019, I served as moderator for a panel discussion on Artificial Intelligence. The 90-minute conversation covered a wide range of topics: beginning with an introduction of key ideas and terms associated with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. This was followed by a discussion of challenges in AI: including model (or solution) bias and […]

An Open Response to Johanna Miller’s Column: ‘Sorry, Crackpots’

On February 1, 2019, Johanna L. Miller, an editor of Physics Today, published an article entitled “Sorry, Crackpots: A Physics Today editor explains why we’re never going to publish your cockamamie theories”. As an independent researcher, one Ms. Miller would improperly label as a crackpot, I believe that her position dangerously stifles scientific advancement and […]

Einstein Vs. Newton: The Rematch (Poster Presentation)

In February 2019, I had an opportunity to share my work as a poster presentation at the Georgia Institute of Technology. The presentation is entitled: The classical mechanics–based theory of Modern Mechanics mathematically matches or exceeds the quantitative performance of Special Relativity; which I shorten as, Einstein vs. Newton: The Rematch. I am honored that […]

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