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Unleash Your Curiosity: A straight line is a straight line, unless Einstein calls it a circle

While many readers find my direct challenge to Einstein’s theory of relativity insightful, others quickly reject (often without examination) ideas that contradict one of their most deeply–heald convictions. Fortunately, I believe that scientists are innately curious and will examine any idea that piques his or her interest. This series is designed to do exactly that: it’s designed […]

“Hello, I’d Like To Make An Appointment”: Advancing AI Agents

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is everywhere. It permeates modern science fictions shows like Westworld, Black Mirror, and Humans. And who can forget HAL in the 1968 classic, 2001: A Space Odyssey? Now we fast forward to this week’s unveiling of Google Duplex, which represents a new leap in AI–Agent capabilities. Listen to the following audio clips and try to […]

Unleash Your Curiosity: Simple, Hidden, Catastrophic Errors

My intent in this series is to provide you with interesting mathematical insights that I hope will pique your interest in specific aspects of physics. My goal is to share something novel so that when you review the foundational paper(s) in physics you will go “Hmmm?” An extremely important concept in mathematics and science is called […]

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