Tutorial Four: Trains and the Doppler effect

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The Doppler effect (also called Doppler shift) is one of the most widely–observed phenomena associated with moving objects. In fact, we often observe it when we hear the sound coming from moving vehicles like cars, trucks, and trains.  Imagine that a tape recorder is placed on a railroad track. The recorder’s microphone records the sound of the […]

Tutorial Three: Averages… Part 2!

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Averages are extremely powerful mathematical tools.  In the previous tutorial, you were introduced to the addition mean equation, which is used to find the average (or arithmetic mean) of two numbers. Most people automatically use the addition mean equation when asked to find the average of two numbers. But, did you know that there is another novel way to find […]

A New Way of Thinking

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For more than 100 years, Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity has been one of the world’s most well known scientific theories. In fact, because relativity has been expertly reviewed and extensively tested, many believe that it’s been “proven.” There is only one problem: Relativity isn’t correct. Relativity doesn’t provide wrong answers in the same obvious […]

Preview DISRUPTIVE, The #1 New Release in Physics/Mechanics and Physics/Relativity on Amazon.com

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#1 New Release in Physics of Mechanics #1 New Release in Relativity Physics Can’t wait for your pre-order to arrive? Good news! You no longer have to wait. You can begin reading  DISRUPTIVE: Rewriting the rules of physics today. Head over to the DISRUPTIVE (The Book) page at StevenBBryant.com! Then click on the image of the book or follow the reading link beneath […]