Top 4 math mistakes that make relativity wrong!

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Without a doubt, relativity is one of the most well–reviewed, widely–accepted theories in the history of modern science. Despite the level of scrutiny it has undergone since its introduction and its apparent level of experimental support, relativity is a mathematically invalid theory. As explained in DISRUPTIVE and in the Tutorial Series, Einstein makes four incurable mathematical mistakes during his derivation. […]

Tutorial Fifteen – Demystifying and Correcting Einstein’s Time Function!

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We will complete our initial look at relativity theory by examining Einstein’s time function. Defined in §3 of his 1905 paper, this function is named τ, or Tau. In this Tutorial, we will use the Greek letter τ and its written name Tau interchangeably. As mentioned in earlier Tutorials, don’t let the use of the Greek letter deter you. […]