Augmented Reality – The Future of Work (And Everything Else)

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Earlier this week I attended an interesting talk entitled Augmented Reality (AR) and the Future of Work. Held at the Nasdaq Entrepreneur Center in San Francisco, authors Robert Scoble and Shel Israel of the futurist book, The Fourth Transformation, shared their thoughts and perspective on where this exciting technology is heading. For readers who aren’t familiar with AR, here are a […]

AI – Deep Learning’s Next Frontier

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This morning I attended a talk hosted by the Harvard Business Review and sponsored by Google, entitled “Deep Learning’s Next Frontier.” The talk took the form of an interview with Andrew Ng, one of the global leaders in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. I’m currently enrolled in his Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) course in […]

Seasons Greetings from Steven Bryant

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–––– Steven B. Bryant is a futurist, researcher, and author who investigates the innovative application and strategic implications of science and technology on society and business. He is the author of DISRUPTIVE: Rewriting the rules of physics, which is a thought–provoking book that shows where relativity fails and introduces Modern Mechanics, a unified model of motion that […]

Steven B. Bryant speaks at the 2016 CNPS conference in College Park, Maryland!

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Is relativity right or wrong? That’s the question I tackle at the 2016 John Chappell Natural Philosophy Society annual conference held in College Park, Maryland.  Readers of DISRUPTIVE and of the blog will find much of this material familiar. I’m going to start working on a new series of short (eg, 5 minutes of less) […]

Top 4 math mistakes that make relativity wrong!

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Without a doubt, relativity is one of the most well–reviewed, widely–accepted theories in the history of modern science. Despite the level of scrutiny it has undergone since its introduction and its apparent level of experimental support, relativity is a mathematically invalid theory. As explained in DISRUPTIVE and in the Tutorial Series, Einstein makes four incurable mathematical mistakes during his derivation. […]

Tutorial Fifteen – Demystifying and Correcting Einstein’s Time Function!

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We will complete our initial look at relativity theory by examining Einstein’s time function. Defined in §3 of his 1905 paper, this function is named τ, or Tau. In this Tutorial, we will use the Greek letter τ and its written name Tau interchangeably. As mentioned in earlier Tutorials, don’t let the use of the Greek letter deter you. […]

Tutorial Fourteen – Length contraction, time dilation, and why relativity requires both!

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In Tutorial thirteen we showed that relativity is invalid, because the spherical wave proof failed. The proof’s failure means that Einstein did not demonstrate the compatibility of his two postulates. In fact, the failed proof shows that his two postulates – the principle of relativity and the principle of the constant velocity of light – are not […]

Tutorial Thirteen – Einstein’s failed relativity proof!

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For over a century, Einstein’s theory of relativity theory has been one of the foundational cornerstones of modern physics. As discussed in Tutorial twelve, relativity theory’s equations often provide good answers because they are approximations for the Modern Mechanics equations. Because relativity theory is no longer the best predictor of experimental results, we must now show exactly where relativity […]