Proving Relativity Wrong (Part 3) – Relativity is an Approximation of Modern Mechanics

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Introduction Part 1 of this series summarized how relativity is well–supported and defended. It also serves as a reminder that any theory, specifically relativity theory can be proved wrong if any one of three requirements is met: Show that relativity contains a significant and incurable mathematical mistake Show that relativity is an approximation of the new theory Show an experimental result that contradicts relativity Part 2 […]

Proving Relativity Wrong (Part 2) – The Math Mistake That Makes Relativity Wrong

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Introduction Part 1 of this series explained why relativity is so popular and well–defended. As leading scientists proudly proclaim: “it works.” So it should come as no surprise that challenging relativity – a theory that “works” – is a difficult endeavor. Despite an overwhelming level of experimental support and an intense bias in its favor, relativity contains a serious mistake that renders […]

Proving Relativity Wrong (Part 1) – Introduction

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Relativity is one of the most well–known, well–researched theories in modern science. It forms the foundation of modern physics, which is built upon two theories: relativity and quantum mechanics. Relativity did not magically appear as an overnight success. It needed to be evaluated, vetted, and prove its usefulness in making predictions or explaining our observations. In fact, scientists did exactly that: […]

Self–Driving Cars: Are They Ready For Primetime?

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It seems like the summer of 2016 has heralded the arrival of the self–driving car.  Uber, Google, Volvo, Ford, and others automotive and technology companies have all announced testing and pilot programs for autonomous vehicles. The idea of self–driving (or autonomous) vehicles is not new. As a child, I remember watching Woody Allen’s movie, Sleeper, in which Woody Allen plays Mills […]

Two Factor Authorization – What it is and do you need it?

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Few weeks go by where we don’t hear of a serious data breach. Unless directly affected by the news, most people find the report interesting and continue with their day–to–day activities without giving the implications of the news additional thought. But this raises an interesting question: Even if you or someone you know isn’t directly affected by […]