Proving Relativity Wrong (Part 5) – The Top 3 Reasons Relativity Falls Short

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Einstein’s theory of relativity forms the foundation of modern physics. It has historically held the unique distinction of being the only theory that could predict or explain certain experiments and observations. Today scientists agree that relativity not only works, but that it works well. Despite its level of performance and degree of acceptance by the scientific community, relativity happens to be 100% […]

Google’s Game Changer – Artificial Intelligence Everywhere

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Yesterday, Google held a conference in San Francisco where they unveiled several new devices: a new phone called Pixel, a new version of Chromecast, a WiFi router, a home integration hub called Google Home, and a virtual reality headset called Daydream. They started their talk with an update on how they are making things like search and […]

Proving Relativity Wrong (Part 4) – Modern Mechanics Succeeds Where Relativity Fails

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Introduction In Part 1 of the series, Proving Einstein Wrong, we defined three requirements that individually show that relativity is wrong. As a reminder, relativity theory is proved wrong if we: Show that relativity contains a significant and incurable mathematical mistake Show that relativity is an approximation of the new theory Show an experimental result that contradicts relativity Part 2 of the […]