2016 is the Start of Something New!

I wish you all a fun, safe, and prosperous 2016!

I also want to share some exciting news. Disruptive: Rewriting the rules of physics, is available for pre–order! I was so excited to see it listed online at Barnes and Noble and Amazon.com. I’m sure it will be at other online retailers soon. I am absolutely thrilled. It feels great to see the book available after working on it for so many years!



While there are still several steps to complete in January, I’m very excited to be at this point as we wrap up the year!

I’d like to thank several amazing partners, each of whom is acknowledged in the book: Grant Dexter (editor), Sarah Bryant-Cole (illustration), and Amy Slutak (photography). I also want to thank my reviewers: Don Briddell, Glenn Borchardt, and Anatoliy Neymark. This book came together the way that it has because of their contributions, as well as many others who have helped in other ways since I began my work. I’d be remiss if I didn’t acknowledge and thank my wife, Julie, who has been a pillar of support, love, and encouragement throughout this journey.

Thank you all! 2016 is just the beginning!

Happy New Year!