Progress Update – Looks like a January 2016 launch!

Since my last update, I’ve been busy revising and rewriting a few areas.  I have to say that the improved quality of the book is due, in large part, to the partnership, feedback, and recommendations of my editor, Grant Dexter.  Grant’s been a wonderful partner throughout this process.  He’s a cheerleader when things make sense and a coach when something isn’t quite write and requires adjusting.  As my first book, I’m happy with the final product and hope you’ll be too!

While I’m making good progress, there are three or four pieces that still need to fall into place. I’m optimistic that all of the big pieces will be complete by the end of the month.  Assuming all goes to plan, Disruptive: Rewriting the Rules of Physics should be available in January 2016!  So, stay tuned!

Also, later this month (December 2015), I’ll post a preview so that you can get a feel for the material.

Be Well!