Imagine Tomorrow! Faster–than–light communication

Last week, I saw a good friend whom I haven’t seen for a while. He asked:

If Einstein is wrong, what does your theory – Modern Mechanics – mean in practical terms?

The possible answers to this question are only limited by our imagination. One of the biggest changes is associated with the speed of light; specifically eliminating it as the fastest speed that something can travel. As discussed in DISRUPTIVE, Einstein’s speed limit comes from an incorrect understanding of the equations. Not only is there no speed limit, the door is now open to the possibility of other communication mediums that travel faster than the speed of light. One area where this could help in the future is with space travel.

Today, scientists and engineers are hard at work exploring ideas and technologies that could lead to our placing astronauts on Mars. This idea was recently popularized in the book and movie, The Martian. Depending on the orbital positions of Mars and the Earth, a radio signal could take between 2 minutes and 21 minutes to travel between both planets. In other words, an astronaut on Mars might need to wait 42 minutes to receive an answer to a question. That’s a long time to wait for a reply in an emergency or crisis.

While a human could find ways of dealing with communication delays, a delay of only a few seconds could make remote control of a device or spacecraft from Earth nearly impossible.


Radio waves travel at 300,000,000 meters per second through the vacuum of space. Modern Mechanics does not change this behavior. But imagine instead, an alternative; a yet to be discovered communication medium that travels much faster than the speed of light, so fast that we perceive it as occurring instantaneously. This idea might sound unscientific, but remember that was only a few hundred years ago that scientists believed that light traveled instantaneously. And today, some scientist have suggested the possibility of a gravity medium or a quantum medium, both of which could move several orders of magnitude faster than light. This is exciting, because when we discover a new communication medium, it could make the speed of light appear to be standing still!

Some experimenters may have already shown that faster–than–light communication is possible. While they have been careful to show that their experiments remain aligned with relativity, their results will need to be viewed through a different lens now that we have shown that relativity is wrong.

Unconstrained by Einstein’s speed limit, we can imagine nearly instant communications through this yet–to–be–discovered medium. This would not only provide a tremendous benefit to astronauts on remote planets communicating with Earth, it could make possible real-time remote control of spacecraft on the farthest bodies in our solar system or beyond!


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