Steven B. Bryant speaks at the 2016 CNPS conference in College Park, Maryland!

Is relativity right or wrong? That’s the question I tackle at the 2016 John Chappell Natural Philosophy Society annual conference held in College Park, Maryland.  Readers of DISRUPTIVE and of the blog will find much of this material familiar.

I’m going to start working on a new series of short (eg, 5 minutes of less) videos, each one focused on a specific topic. This video, however, is a talk about material on the book followed by a Q&A session.  So, it is a bit on the longer side.

Two corrections: When discussing the bus, I give an example where I use the number three kilometers per second. I intended to say three meters per second. Not a big deal there. The other one is bigger. I say Michelson and Morley use the average equation in their work. They do not. They used addition. So, while bookmark I reference in the video is correct, the example I used was not.

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