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Einstein Vs. Newton: The Rematch (Poster Presentation)

In February 2019, I had an opportunity to share my work as a poster presentation at the Georgia Institute of Technology. The presentation is entitled: The classical mechanics–based theory of Modern Mechanics mathematically matches or exceeds the quantitative performance of Special Relativity; which I shorten as, Einstein vs. Newton: The Rematch. I am honored that the presentation was recognized for an award from the Provost’s Office.

The 48″x36″ poster walks through the key findings discussed on this site; beginning with the spherical wave proof finding and ending with a performance comparison of relativity and Modern Mechanics.

I’m happy to share the abstract, poster presentation, and short 5-minute audio walkthrough of the presentation.


Steve_aes-114Steven B. Bryant is a futurist, researcher, and author who investigates the innovative application and strategic implications of science and technology on society and business. He is also a computer science graduate student at the Georgia Institute of Technology where he is specializing in machine learning and interactive intelligence. Steven is the author of DISRUPTIVE: Rewriting the rules of physics, which is a thought–provoking book that shows where relativity fails and introduces Modern Mechanics, a unified model of motion that fundamentally changes how we view modern physics. DISRUPTIVE is available at,, and other booksellers!

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